Hasan Rizvi, a well-known face on TV shows, is an award winning magician of extraordinary talent, commonly known as Hasan Kamaal Rizvi. You may have seen him in many TV shows and events like Indias Got Talent, Akbar Birbal, I can do that etc. He start to learn magic at Read more…

Jaehoo Lim

This is a beautiful act! 2010 Grand Prix winner of Japan Tv Asahi ‘God hands 2’ 2009 1st prize winner of World magic seminar ASIA(UGM) 2008 1st prize winner of FISM Asian . Jaehoon Lim -2011 Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde

Ji Hye-Jun

HeyJun Ji is a young talented magician from Korea. He developed his act over six years before entering the FISM contest, and winning it. Dove Magicians, really all magician will appreciate the time, energy, and creativity that has gone into this Dove Magic Act. Enjoy!   THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DOVE Read more…