Floating Dove Magic Routine

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Back in my performing days, this effect was the  favorite part of my
dove routine, and the one that audiences couldn’t quit talking about.

I am surprised that this effect never really became mainstream. But if
you are skilled Dove Magician I think you will appreciate this effect. It
will probably be obvious how this effect works. However with the right
body movements & practice your audience will have no idea.



From time to time over the years I have seen this prop available on eBay, but
they don’t show up that often when they do, they are normally about $50.00.
To my knowledge it is no longer made, if you guys no different, please let
us know below.

So if you think you may want to add this effect to your act, my suggestion
is to jump on it, if and when it becomes available on eBay.

This guy does the floating Dove Routine about 1/2 way through the act. 
A beautiful Routine.



You can order the floating dove illusion below.





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