Magician Zyculus

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Zyculus is a German Magician the performs all over the world.

In my humble opinion his stage presence is very charming. He comes
across very likable.  The influence of Legend Lance Burton is
obvious in his act.

When Zyculus rolls up his sleeves, it doesn’t look like work. He conjures
up white doves, rabbits and a small dog with playful lightness and an
elegant naturalness. His animal show is charming and full of excitement,
one climax after another.


Zyculus earned the title “Artist of the Year 2008”. A magic  award that
Siegfried &  Roy and David Copperfield have also received.  


Castles in the air – the world’s only bubble routine! Zyculus is the first and
only artist to completely do without props in his soap bubble routine. But
with a very special gag that you will only experience live.

With his bare hands, Zyculus forms soap bubbles and lets transparent, filigree
and extremely complex structures, shimmering like a rainbow, float through
the air – castles in the air to touch. This is unique, original routine invites you
to marvel and dream!  As a magician,


I enjoy this act much more than his dove routine.  What about you?


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