PENN & TELLER MAGIC KIT (Fool Everybody)

The Penn & Teller Magic Kit will teach you over 200 magic tricks that are easy to learn because includes an instructional DVD.  Great magic tricks kits for kids eight […]

Fun Mind Game

1.Take your age and multiply it Take your age and multiply it by 2. 2. Add 5. 3. Multiply by 50. 4. Subtract 365. 5. Count loose change in your […]

Magicians Wand

  For the best selection of Magicians Wands  for the armature or professional Magician are here, just click the photo below and you are guaranteed to find the magic wand […]

Magician Costume

Magic has come along way over the years. Kids are taking up magic as hobby instead of Sports, Karate, Dancing, Crafts, and the normal kids hobbies and activities.   Parents are […]

Optical Illusions

                          www.IGetMineFree.com                                  […]

Melissa & Doug Magic Kit for Kids

  Magic is a great hobby for kids for multiple reasons.  This fantastic wooden set includes four easy-to-master tricks for beginners. Young magicians will improve their confidence and fine motor […]

Magic Tricks for Young Kids under 7 Can Learn How to Perform

I sincerely believe the best hobby a kid can have is magic, for multiple reasons we talk about in this article.  Magic as a Hobby.   At some point most kids […]

The Illusionist Movie

The Illusionist is a 2006 American romantic mystery film written and directed by Neil Burger and starring Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Jessica Biel. It is based loosely on Steven […]

Is Joey Fatone a Magician?

  Athletes want to be rappers, rappers want to be entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs want to be movie starts, and everybody want to be a magician.  Even Joey Fatone. The world would […]