Is Joey Fatone a Magician?

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Athletes want to be rappers, rappers want to be entrepreneurs,
entrepreneurs want to be movie starts, and everybody want to
be a magician.  Even Joey Fatone.

The world would be a much happier place if everyone could learn
to be happy in their own skin, but that is a topic for another


Joey Fatone says he can make it disappear.  Anything that you may
be holding when you are around him.   Joey Fatone does love magic
and performs magic tricks as a hobby.

It gives him a different level of cool than many celebrities.

Fatone says he can make coins disappear, cards, anything any other magician
can make disappear he can as well.  This is the noteworthy networking tool that
features my caricature, Li’l Johnny Kats, colorfully inked across the front.

During a dinner party the other night, Fatone snapped the card out of my hand and,
in one swift movement, made it vanish. (See video above of Joey Fatone performing
this magic trick)

Fatone performed this trick several times before I thought, “Hey, this might make
a good YouTube clip!” So I recorded a few seconds of video on my iPhone.

Most famous for his years as a member of ’N Sync (which made the composure of
millions of young women disappear), Fatone is currently a member of “Dancing With
the Stars: Live in Las Vegas” at the Tropicana and also a recurring guest host of
“The Price Is Right Live” at Bally’s.

Somewhere, he should work this talent into one of his stage performances.
Joey Fatone is a talented hobbyist magician.



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