Magic as a Hobby for Kids

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I sincerely believe that there is no better hobby for a young person than magic.  If your child is looking for a hobby and you are considering Karate Class, Piano Lessons,  or whatever, give magic as a hobby consideration.

I have heard the story hundreds of times.  I professional magician received a magic kit as a gift as a child, and the rest is history.   I found this video from magician Ryan Joyce inspiring,
I hope you will share it with your child.  If they decide to get serious about magic or not it
really doesn’t matter.   The message is timeless.









I may be a little partial, but I sincerely believe that Magic is the absolute best
hobby a kid can have.  It is better than sports, Karate, video games or any other

Alveris olcus oburus brulus prasperis sparums abracadabra puff! and the magic happens! Some they call the magician; if they’re female they’ll go by the name witches. magician. They’re also known as illusionist. Some people who play tricks to entertain other people. A wizard as they would be called back in the time or a Magus, another term for people as I said before who entertain people.

Being a magician is not what he wants to be in the future, but one of his hobbies that he tends to have for the rest of his life. He practiced, he does tricks for hours, and then he entertained the other people.

Ryan is the type of person that will impress a girl on the first date, probably popping some money out of her ear or exchange her rings in your finger without her even noticing.


5 reasons why Magic makes a good hobby

I have been fascinated with magic for a vast majority of my life, even before I started working professionally as a magician,  I remember going to the hobbies and crafts section at the then Bedok Library, and borrowing magic books to read and try it out at home. I remember going to stationary stores to get the packet tricks and pranks hanging near the shop entrance. So, here are 5 reasons why magic is the best hobby for your child!



1) Helps increase Self Confidence

A research with 10-12-year olds by Richard Wiseman, a professor in psychology, indicated that learning magic tricks was more effective than typical classes designed to improve children’s self-esteem and confidence. I was a fat kid when I was young (Still struggling with it!) and I struggled with low self-esteem. Magic made me feel that I had something that others didn’t have and the feeling of fooling someone can be very empowering. Children feel empowered when they are able do something that their friends cannot. With a magic trick, a shy child now has special powers that only they can wield. Nothing says “self-confidence” more than that.



2) Promotes Self Discipline

Learning magic tricks requires self-discipline and persistence to practice. Without these skills, a magician will not be successful. Some tricks are easy to learn (a few minutes), while others may take months to perfect. Over the years, I have learnt many challenging tricks and this is only done through patience and perseverance; two character traits that any parent would want for their child.


3) Improves Critical Thinking

Critical thinking one of the traits that many employers are looking for in employees, yet it is a skill that many people lack. Learning, watching, and performing magic definitely improves critical thinking.Having multiple perspectives for a certain situation is a very beneficial skill. The more magic tricks children watch and learn, the more they will be thinking outside the box and be able to decipher the secret.


4) Bringing Joy to others

Magic has the ability to bring out the childlike wonder out of people, and to bring joy to them. Nothing is more rewarding than making people smile, especially those who may be ill or going through a difficult time. People of all ages love magic and it allows for a temporary distraction from whatever pain and hardships someone might be experiencing. To see an example, check out my mini youtube series on “Sharing Love with Magic” here:



5) Helps to approach people and socialize

I have known magicians that were very shy kids when they were young and did not know how to approach and talk to people. But once they learned magic, introductions became much easier . . . nothing breaks the ice like “Pick a card”. Magic encourages people to interact with friends and family. While it is not appropriate to start every introduction with a magic trick, it gives one the confidence knowing that at any time he or she can initiate a conversation with a quick trick.

Children remember the sense of wonder they feel seeing a magician for the first time and they often want to become that magician. I can’t imagine my life without the influence of magic. It has helped shape me into the person I am today, and has allowed me to bring joy to thousands people till today. Hopefully your child can begin to experience the many benefits that magic brings today.

Stay Magical,
Ming Da


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