Dove Magic


Hasan Rizvi, a well-known face on TV shows, is an award winning magician of extraordinary talent, commonly known as Hasan Kamaal Rizvi. You may have seen him in many TV […]

Jaehoo Lim

This is a beautiful act! 2010 Grand Prix winner of Japan Tv Asahi ‘God hands 2’ 2009 1st prize winner of World magic seminar ASIA(UGM) 2008 1st prize winner of FISM […]

Magician Zyculus

Zyculus is a German Magician the performs all over the world. In my humble opinion his stage presence is very charming. He comes across very likable.  The influence of Legend […]

Ji Hye-Jun

HeyJun Ji is a young talented magician from Korea. He developed his act over six years before entering the FISM contest, and winning it. Dove Magicians, really all magician will […]

Lance Burton Master Magician

Those that saw Lance Burton’s Dove Act will never forget the first time they saw it.  In my opinion it is the best 10 – 15 minute routine in history. […]

Floating Dove Magic Routine

Back in my performing days, this effect was the  favorite part of my dove routine, and the one that audiences couldn’t quit talking about. I am surprised that this effect […]