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There are moments in magic that everyone remembers. I have talked about the first time I
ever saw Lance Burton and others here on MagicEveryMonth.com

Will Tsai’s Visual Matrix, also known as the Rose act that he performed
on America’s Got Talent, was one of the moments.

So elegant. So visual. So…magical. It almost blew up the Internet when it first hit YouTube.
Will’s video had over 300 million views, and think about this, that’s more than every Americas Got Talent magic act over the last twelve years.

This is a beautiful close up act that if you love magic, you will never see enough.

Will Tasi, personal information

Born/Date of Birth: 1984
Place of Birth: Taiwan
Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Magician, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Official Website: willtsai.com
Official Youtube Channel: WillTsai


Tsai was born in Taiwan, and immigrated to Canada with his family at
the age of 15. His parents fell on difficult times, and Tsai had to
work multiple jobs to assist his family financially. After stumbling on
a magician’s street performance, he was inspired to become a magician
himself. He has been practicing his act for 13 years.


Tsai has been producing magic videos and products under the company name
Sans Minds since 2010, and has created multiple tricks, props, and devices
for magicians and performers. Although he began his career developing tricks
like Holely and Trace, Tsai eventually moved on to engineering stage props
and devices such as VAPR, Absolute Zero, and VAPR Watch.

Tsai also operates under the nickname The Visualist, as he believes he cannot
be fully categorized alongside other magicians or illusionists due to his
very unique personal magic style.

In May 2017, Will Tsai successfully auditioned for America’s Got Talent
Season 12 with an act he had developed himself. He was promoted to the next
round by all four judges. Since the initial airing of the premiere, his
performance has now received over 40 million views.

Although normally sporting a flashier fashion style, his toned down appearance
on AGT was purposefully done to suit the audience, playing his real self as
opposed to a stage persona, which is common in the magic industry.

Due to logistical errors in customs, his original intended act could not
be performed. Tsai developed the aired AGT act within a week, and was able
to perform on stage with no issues.

Tsai was featured on the cover of Vanish International Magic Magazine Edition
35, which was released in June 2017.

Tsai performed with Jay Chou during 2018’s CCTV Spring Festival.

Personal life
Tsai lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his dog Mochi and his
cat Fluffington. He has a strong relationship with both his grandmothers,
and is cited saying they are his main source of inspiration and encouragment.

During a job in Brazil, Tsai contracted a lung infection with a slim chance
of survival. After a remarkable recovery, Tsai dedicated his life to pushing
the boundaries of what is possible with a magic performance.

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