Magic Tricks Kids can Do with a Deck of Cards

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If you are looking for simple, easy to do card tricks for kids to learn, you are in the right place.   You can waste a lot of time online sorting through pages trying to find  clever
magic tricks for your kids to learn without learning how to be a sleight-of-hand artist in the process.  I understand that I have taught many kids how to perform magic over the years.

Magic is much more than learning how a trick is done, the actual PERFORMANCE takes
practice, memorization, and the right attitude.


The challenge is that most tricks that are very simple and easy to perform are usually beyond boring to watch.

On the other hand, no matter how simple a magic trick is to learn, you can’t expect to watch a video one time, grab a deck of cards and then be able to perform it as smoothly and flawlessly as you just witnessed on the video.

So let’s be realistic.

The card tricks I am going to share with you on this page can be learned by kids who
watch the videos over and over, and dedicate themselves to learning how to peform
them.  They do not require sleight-of-hand moves, but they do require patience and

These are card tricks for kids that are at least five years old.   In my younger days I taught
magic classes to many students.  The ones that approached the hobby with patience and
understanding that you just because you understand how a trick works, does not mean you will be able to perform in perfectly after the first time.   Like most things in life it takes some dedications and commitment.

The mindset I like for students to develop is not that “practice makes perfect” but that PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.  I have watched dozens of hours of boring videos
of card trick that say they are for kids, but kids have no business trying to learn.  I have done this for two reasons.

#1  So parent’s don’t have to waste time trying find card tricks kids can learn

#2 I think magic is a great hobby for kids, and I have seen too many kids that could have become great magicians get discouraged trying to learn elaborate sleight of hand moves with cards, when all they really wanted was a cool, effective, entertaining card trick to learn that just took dedication and practice, but not years of perfecting a double lift, or other card sleight of hand moves.   I think some magicians forget how they started.

So with that here is my list of Top 5 Card Tricks kids can learn how to perform with a except able amount of focus, practice and dedication.   My suggested is to watch them all, decide which one to learn first, and them practice and master that one before moving on to the next one.



This is a very effective card trick that audiences will be mystified by.  Anyone can learn how to do it,  because there is no sleight of hand, it just takes some thought and practice.








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