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Young Chinese American Magician Kevin Li has become a Social
Media Legend & his path to success has been quite interesting.
Here is his story.


Kevin Li is part of the new era of magicians whose goal is to add significance and meaning to his magic effects. Kevin is a Chinese American magician with his own style. His upbringing and heritage sets him apart from many other magicians. Like many performers today, he develop an interest in magic at a young age. Magic started as a hobby for Kevin Li and grew into a passion. Kevin was a Junior member of the world famous Magic Castle which catapolted him into an award winning magician who performed all around the world.

He is the Youngest magician to ever Return to the popular TV Show Fool Us by Penn & Teller. His routine brought up true emotions and even Penn & Teller teared up during the
performance. In his 2nd performance Kevin Li did a routine that taught anyone to speak the Chinese language which also “Fooled the Master” Penn & Teller.

Magician Kevin Li has one of the largest social medial followings of any magician. His routines come from a mobile and youthful prospective. Kevin says his goal is to be able to spread creativity and fun in his magic routines. He is popular with audiences of all ages and his magic has led to collaborations with Instagram, Snapchat and Google.

Kevin’s calling is to inspire people truly care about the magic and be impressed by things vanishing, appearing and changing color right in front of your eyes.

Kevin says his biggest take away from my first appearance on Fool us was that we are all able to improve over time. I was still trying to find myself as a performer and creator, but finally understood slowly that this is, in fact, a life long process.” That is the essence of life.

Like many magicians, before all of this public exposure and recognition, it was actually Kevin’s grandfather in Hang Zhou, China who introduced him to the world of magic for the very first time. “He wasn’t a magician but like many popular grandparents, he had learned a couple of tricks to share with Kevin on his visits. Kevin says, the feeling I got after watching became the reason why I wanted to continue this art form,” he recalled. “To share true astonishment with people everywhere and bring them out of their current state of mind.” I love the opportunity to entertain people and bring a smile to their face.

The seemingly small trick from his grandfather’s collection, has transformed Kevin’s life in ways that were previously unimaginable. And since his performance, he has gone on to graduate from business school and aims to persue his magic career full time.

“This is usually the time people feel the need to figure their lives out. However, I strongly believe that this is the main time frame we can experiment with different objectives and pursue what makes us happy without major drawbacks,” he says. Do what you love to do when you are young, you can always get a job in the future if your dream doesen’t work out. This advise many entrepreneurs like Gary Vee recommend for young college or high school graduates.

However, This journey is about much more than just success or recognition for the young performer, it’s about representation and identity.

“There was no Asian American magician I was able to look up to as a kid, so I hope my journey one day will give others more confidence to pursue this wonderful art”

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