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Like many in the USA I first saw Dom Chambers perform his comedy Beer routine on America’s
Got Talent. He is not just a cleaver magician, but seems to be an all around good guy. He comes
across very down to earth with a very high EQ.

Dom is from Australia and a member of the Australian Institute of Magic.  Dom’s
granddad got him started in magic, and as they say, the rest is history.



Dom Chambers 26 years old.  Dom is a new generation magician. The kind without the
hat, the boxes, the wand or the beautiful assistant though he has said he is always looking.

Dom Chambers is an Australian honor winning entertainer and comic, known for his
advanced interpretation of enchantment, his viral web videos and aesthetic live exhibitions.
He is a previous Australian Junior Champion of Magic.

Dom Chambers memoir on ICMI peruses, “Dom Chambers is a performer, yet in addition part
entertainer, part artist, part creator, part videographer and a MC. If it comes to communicating
and relating with an audience Dom can do it all.  He is skilled and practiced because he has been
performing for many years


Young magicians, please here this.  “Practice doesn’t make Perfect”  —
“Perfect Practice make Perfect”



His work and performances as a rule center around comedy magic however not in the “unpleasant, glittery jeans, top cap, wand and hare” sort of way. Dom’s enchantment is routinely highlighted at work gatherings, grant evenings, deals gatherings, shows and other corporate occasions all around Australia where is is in demand.

Show your customers and representatives how exceptional they are by including an interesting touch that they will always remember. Dom has huge involvement with facilitating and compering occasions. Dom’s parody, enchantment, and group work will keep crowds of all shape and size connected with and completely engaged.



Dom is a master performer.

Dom is a  new age illusionist and comedian that communicates with his audience masterfully.



Dom Chambers America’s Got Talent

Dom was a  competitor on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent. His first acted on AGT included
different  fast moving comedy magic routine with beer, lager napkins and a container of wine. A
large portion of his stunts were causing brew to show up out of nowhere and even figured out
how to haul a jug of wine out of nowhere.

The magic effect  that sold him was the point at which he made a lager glass show up from his
shoes however things raised and got the judges and group of spectators energized when he
poured brew from that very shoe into the glass.

His presentation got him an overwhelming applause from the judges.

As you can see from his act Dom does  impossible things. Magic. Illusions.
Sleight of hand. All that stuff…but as he would say ………….

But not in the “creepy, top hat, wand, and rabbit” kind of way.

America’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist, Dom Chambers, is an internationally award-winning
magician and comedian, known for his modern take on magic, his viral internet videos,
and artistic live performances.

His internet videos have been viewed over 100 million times and his magic has appeared
on many major TV networks, both in Australia and America. He was the first Australian based
magician to appear on the hit international TV series, ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us!’, and the first and
only Australian solo act to make the semi-finals of AGT.

His critically acclaimed one-man show ‘RanDom’ was awarded the prestigious award for
“Best Magic Show”, at the Adelaide Fringe in 2019.


Charming and approachable, Dom puts on a show like none other. Dom Chambers is
a young comedy magician to keep your eye on.  When he develops out few more
signature routines, I can see him headlining his own show in Vegas if he decides
that is what he really want’s to do.  He has all the tools.








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