Jeff Lee Brilliant CD Manipulation

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Jeff Lee is a brilliant your magician.

He is known for many effects including the Floating Rose
This looks miraculous! A rose is placed into an elegant looking vase. It is then partially covered by a scarf. Soon the rose and vase begin to float in the air, as the magician holds onto the scarf. It is just like vitality floating in the air. Even when surrounded by the audience, the effect looks unbelievably great. This is a romantic and fantastic effect, and you will love performing it. It is totally practical and self-contained. This is a miracle that can be performed at any time in your act. Do not accept any imitations — this is the Jeff Lee original!

Jeff Lee is always known as Roses restoration
Hold up a rose that has a broken stem. With your magic, it visually restores itself! The method is magnificent, brand new, and it looks unbelievable! Jeff Lee has used this effect successfully in his stage act and has performed it many times on television, with great impact on the audience. This is the perfect restoration effect — you and your audiences love this

Jeff is probably best know for his unbelievable Brilliant CD Manipulation routine.

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